Au-deō: dare/have courage (to go/do), act boldly, venture, risk. intend, be prepared.

AUDEO is the embodiment of passion for jewellery blended with a commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing. AUDEO jewellery is for those of us that want to own beautiful, unique and striking jewellery and care about how, and where, it is made.

AUDEO jewellery is about creating durable, versatile and timeless pieces while avoiding ‘fast-fashion’ influences. Our jewellery is a reflection of life experiences, places and experiences. The designs are strongly influenced by Dani's Indigenous heritage, life as an immigrant; it is about womanhood and assertiveness, it is about challenging conventional ideas in jewellery and design, it is about feeling strong, confident and empowered. 

AUDEO pieces are handmade in Jaipur, India. Using high-quality recycled semi-precious stones, silver and gold. We work directly with small studios that adhere to fair trade practices: fair wages, trade transparency, no gender bias and no child labour. Our pieces are packed in FSC boxes with no foam or plastic inserts, we avoid over using packaging. Head to our ethics and sustainability  page to learn more. 

As part of our commitment to responsible manufacturing practices and environmental principles, AUDEO currently donates 10% of its profits Women's Environmental Network. This charity educates, empower and informs women and men who care about the environment. They focus on campaigning on environmental and health issues from a female perspective. Wen acts to achieve equality, justice and joy. Their work includes focusing on toxic free living, air quality, environmenstrual, women’s climate action, sustainable food and nature for well being. To learn more about Wen click here

We hope you enjoy AUDEO jewellery as much as we enjoy making it.

Dani O.Z

Founder and Creative Director