Sustainability & Ethics



“ I strongly believe that it is our duty to create in an ethical way that has a lower environmental impact. It’s our responsibility to preserve the natural beauty that already exists in our planet”

Dani O.Z

 Founder & Creative Director

AUDEO is rooted in timeless simplicity, we are environmentally and socially conscious. We go beyond seasonal trends and our jewellery is made with intention and purpose: to be kept and worn for years to come!

AUDEO is committed to

Support and partner with organisations and global initiatives that support and accelerate a holistic approach to fashion. Our main supplier follows Fair Trade standards and is certified by the World Fair Trade organisation

Using our platform to advocate for: equality, diversity and inclusion 

Continuously looking for better ways of being and doing! We don’t claim to get it right every single time, we are always looking for ways to improve our supply chain and operational efficiency.

Minimal waste, our production is done in small batches and  made with recycled, repurposed and responsibly sourced materials.

Giving back to the community. 10% of our profits are donated to selected charities, covering a wide range of causes from social to environmental. 

Using recycled and biodegradable packaging materials. Our packaging is made without any plastic materials or foam. We use FSC paper, soy based ink and organic unbleached cotton.

Circular economy, we think about the lifetime of a product from the start of the design process. By using recycled materials we close loops in production that reduce waste and minimise new inputs.

We always welcome ideas and suggestions please email if you have any suggestions or questions regarding our sustainability and environmental practices.